Saturday, January 3, 2009

Picture time!

I haven't taken pictures in a long time, so I'm going to photographically illustrate some of the things I've been talking about/meaning to talk about for a while. I'm saving my favorite one for last.

My green nails. Anny got this stuff at Claire's. It matches my pajama pants exactly which is really dorky, but I didn't even notice right away. I woke up and was like, "Hey, this matches!"

Ramunè! Love this stuff. Thanks, M! =] How it works is there's a marble sealing a hole in the top of the bottle. You take the cap off and in the cap, there's a plastic cork thing so you can push the marble through. The marble's what's sealing the carbonation. The bottle has a neck that stops the marble from going to the bottom, but you can't really get it back out. See in the picture?

Speaking of marbles...

Okay, they're more like stones. The Mancala board, perfectly arranged, from when M and I played a few weeks ago. Dunno why you should care about that...I just thought it looked pretty with the colors in the right place.

And here's my favorite...

M got me a foam fruitcake for Christmas! I mentioned it about a week ago, I was thinking about getting it for her, but wasn't sure if she'd laugh or be like, "Okay, what do I do with this?" so I got it for my kindergarten friend who already expects weirdness from me. BUT M GOT ME ONE! I saw the thing in Barnes and Noble and was like, "I have to get this for somebody! This is hilarious!" I love this thing. I mean, come one, it's a foam fruitcake! So here I dressed it up in leopard print glasses and communist cow's french hat. ^_^

*Sigh* Finally done. This took forever to comprise. Bedtime now. It's almost 2 AM...

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