Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is how the real world works, I guess.

The new issue of the newspaper came out today. We spent part of class reading headlines and leads and discussing whose were good and whose were bad. They said my lead sentence was boring and doesn't tell you anything new, just what people already knew. They compared my lead to the lead of the girl who's article was next to mine on the page. They loved hers and said it drew people in and made them want to read.

I wrote her lead. XD

My teacher said her article needed an entirely new intro, and she was busy, so I offered to rewrite it for her since deadline was close. Now at least I know I did something right, even if nobody else knows it.

A few things that made me sink: The two golden sophomores, former staff writers with that oh-so-stereotypical high school popularity are co-editors in the opinion section now. Both of their page designs had glaring errors and their writing is good but not amazingly brilliant or anything. Yet I find out from the kid who sits next ot me in math class that they get to be editors. Whatever, they're better than me, and I don't want to be an editor. I'm not serious enough. Just....ughhh! That's so annoying! They get to mess up all they want and get editor status. I get grief about my lead being boring and one of my pictures looking stupid, but my teacher had previously told me that my article was really good and my work fixing the other girl's article in one day was impressive. I guess if my teacher knows I work, that's what matters.

And editor almighty is still at the top of the staff list even though she showed up twice to help with this issue and didn't edit anything.



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