Sunday, February 8, 2009

DC Rewind? What are you rewinding?

So tonight on Disney Channel, they're having an event called "Disney Channel Rewind," a marathon of shows and movies leading up to the premiere of some show with Demi Lovato called "Sonny with a Chance."

When I heard "Disney Channel Rewind," I got all excited. I thought they were going to go back to Zoog Disney for a night and play a typical nighttime line-up from the 90s, like The Jersey, Flash Forward, Even Stevens, you know, those, and some of the old movies.

I got all excited. I've wanted them to do this for a long time. I was wondering if they were going to restore the station ID to Zoog Disney for the night, they were making it seem like such a big event, when I heard High School Musical.

They're idea of rewind is High School Musical 1 and 2, the Cheetah Girls 2 and 3, Camp Rock, and Jump in. I missing something here?


Cheetah Girls the first would have been acceptable (love that movie) but all of these movies are less than three years old. Apparently they're going to air the premieres of each where the stars host during commercial breaks. Okay, that's a cute idea, but "rewind" is not the word to use for a bunch of still-popular movies from 2006.

Just so you know, Disney, calling that rewind is like calling egg rolls from Panda Express authentic Chinese food. It's inaccurate and insulting to the people who actually know authentic Chinese food.

Oh, and Seth Myers on SNL last night defended Michael Phelps for smoking weed and threw some fire at Kellogg's for taking away their sponsorship and the person who sent the picture to the tabloid. Okay, I agree that the person shouldn't have taken the picture and ratted him out, but of course Kellogg's is going to withdraw. They only signed him because of his wholesome appearance.

I think Phelps messed up. He's in the public eye, he's known for being a good guy who's serious about his dream, and he's a hero to a lot of little kids. That wasn't smart, but Seth thinks that you can do whatever you want when you've won twelve gold medals. I don't agree. I think that gives you more of a reason to watch your actions.

Watch for yourself. I lost a lot of respect for the SNL writers/Seth/whoever came up with the jokes for this. The cracks about the cartoon characters looking stoned were really cheap.

Really, Seth? Phelps screwed up big time and you defend him like it's Kellogg's fault he did something stupid? When you're famous and you screw around with marijuana, you're pretty much signing a contract that says "I accept the consequences for this." You can't expect anyone to endorse you after that. And Seth doesn't realize Michael Phelps knew this risk beforehand? Really?!

Juliana =D

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