Friday, March 6, 2009

Nostalgia Critic, Doug, Bluetooth, and Posters, not in that order.

My friend showed me this hilarious guy called the nostalgia critic. His videos make fun of old movies, TV shows, video games, stuff like that. This one's about Nicktoons, and I was laughing so hard my sister came in and was like, "What is so funny? I can hear you across the hall!" It's especially funny if you know the shows, but some of them I didn't watch much and still thought his comments were funny.

What else is going on...nostalgia critic wiped out my mind. Oh, I have one.

Ever been in a store and people are walking around with those Bluetooth phone things in their ears having the loudest conversations, usually ones that I would not want to have in a crowded store, and the first thing you think when you see them is "Who are they talking to?" They talk extra loud so their voice reaches the microphone and you can hear them three aisles over in the grocery store. One woman was screaming "And you said you loved me, but you never meant it! I thought you had matured but you haven't!" Dude, come on. Have that conversation in a private location, not the middle of the produce aisle. Very few conversations are middle-of-the-produce-aisle conversations.

My dad's college roommate is staying over, so I'm sharing my sister's room. I'm sitting on her bed right now, and I never noticed before how her posters are organized so specifically by fandom. The Spongebobs are together in one corner, Tokio Hotel next to that, Avatar, Pirates of the Carribean, Twilight, and the Jonas Brothers. Each one has a specific section on her wall, but in between them are so really random pictures like a chihuahua in the middle of the Pirates pictures. 3-foot Edward Cullen poster is freaking me out, though. It's like you walk in and BAM, vampire face.

One more thing: remember the show "Doug" on Nickelodeon? Nostalgia Critic talks about it. Did you know Disney had a version of "Doug" that came out after Nick's that was the same characters just drawn by a different artist? I have to research this, and I'm going to do another post about it. I remember watching Disney's "Doug" when I was in 4th grade and thinking, "how could Disney take this from Nickelodeon? They don't usually have the same shows." I'm interested...I will research. I think Nick's intro was better, but that's the only thing I remember that was different about them. I mostly watched the original Nickelodeon version.

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