Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Newspaper, because that's all that's going on right now.

I spent newspaper today fixing other people's articles because one didn't line up right and the other was supposed to be a sidebar-article about Obama and wasn't as Obama-centric as was originally planned. I had to rewrite and move around things to make it work, and my teacher said I did a good job fixing it. Relief. The only thing I'm not so happy about is how I have to find a new picture from someone who went to the thing by Friday. >.<

One of the editors shrunk the font in my pullout quote and out a little note "get a longer quote, ok thnx" under it. I asked them if that was the right font size and they said yes, I had someone else confirm it and they said yes. Grr. Lucky I had one, but while I was finding it, I wrote under their comment "I asked you about this quote TWO WEEKS AGO and you decinde now that it's not long enough?? How's that for a longer quote?" Made me feel better at least.

While one of the writers on my page (the one who made me wait for her article on Friday) had a lot of stuff to fix, so she commandeered my page and told me to go do something else since she would be a while. I went and helped my friend write her headline, and we ended up goofing off with it and making up some really funny ones. Ah, how a newspaper would be if I owned it.

My other friend has a lacrosse article and was trying to think of a headline, so she goes, "'Lacrosse: More than just balls and sticks.' Sex sells." Hey, it would liven up the sports page a little.

I'm tired. I have 10 more minutes of Spanish homework and then I get to sleep. Sleep is good except when it's in the middle of Chinese class.


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