Monday, December 1, 2008

Productive conversation...glad we sorted that out.

Remember my fabulous partner who ditched me in newspaper last Tuesday? (Click on the link to read about it.) Well, I talked to her today...

Me: Hey, where were you last Tuesday?
Her, casually: Home.
I snapped: Why?
Her: *Shrug* Missed the bus. Did you finish our page?
Me: Almost. The real pictures aren't in yet because V hasn't taken them, and one picture wouldn't frame right.
Her: Did you have L (photo girl) place the pictures?
Me: No, I didn't know she was supposed to, and they aren't even our final pictures because you never chose any.
Her: So it's not done? What? Why would you do it all yourself?
Me: Because I didn't know what to do! What did you want me to do, stare at the screen? I had to do the work for three people, and I did the best I could!
Her: You know, you wouldn't have had problems with the framing if you would have let L do it.

Maybe I'll remember that next time I get ditched on deadline day. I got blunt, but seriously, she seemed waaay too non-chalant about the whole thing. And to criticize me for doing it wrong? You know, if you want it done right, you do it yourself. She gets to sit home and watch "America's Next Top Model" (I made that up, for the record) and I get to flounder through a foreign photoshop software with a million buttons while the photographer assigned to my page quietly watches me do her job.

I don't mind working, I just hate that she gets a free ride while I take her responsibilities and add them to mine. I also don't want our design to suck...or have it all be my fault. I'm definitely not fixing her pictures tomorrow. She can find L and do whatever. It's her article.

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  1. I hate that girl!
    I am SO SORRY that you have to work with her, I would have snapped on her a long time ago if I were you. I'm really wishing that you would just skip tomorrow so that she has to do the rest herself, want to hide out in the bathroom for the period? I'll bring you food :)