Friday, December 5, 2008

No post would be complete without my thoughts on newspaper. ^_^

Today was eventful.

In Chinese, I was nominated to stand in front of the class by myself and get bombarded with questions for 10 minutes. It was my teacher's way of getting the quiet people to participate--make them answer questions with the spotlight on them. The class took a vote for the quietest girl and quietest boy, and I won the girl category.

They were sopposed to ask me a few questions and let me go (the nominated boy only got about 10 to answer), but they wouldn't let me go. I'm really bad at speaking Chinese. I can write it, but I can't get the words out of my mouth when I have to speak it. Someone asked me if I have a dog, and I answered "no, I'm not a dog." *Sigh* Took me a minute to realize what I said wrong, too.

This one really type-A freshman (an okay person, I get along with her, but a sister of a newspaper editor. You get the picture. I think it's genetic.) kept bombarding me with really complicated questions and got frustrated when I asked her to repeat slower. She asked me if I love Nick Jonas. I said yes. XD

In Spanish, we had a sub. We never have a sub in Spanish! Everyone got all excited when they saw him there. This one guy came in and the first thing he said to the guy was "I don't even know who you are, but you just made my day." Totally. Somehow we managed to transgress into a discussion of Appalacia. Only with a sub.

I skipped the last 30 minutes of government to finish my newspaper page. All three of us working on this page (V, the famous A, and I) are all in the same government class. A made me give our teacher the "please excuse us from class" note. >.< She's very into the phrase "well, that's not our job." A, hun, everything on this page is our job.

She waited until today to edit her article, and delayed fixing V's because she didn't think she was responsible for it. She's like, "Let's take care of the stuff that is our job." Okay, sure...but what is our job then? She doesn't think we're responsible for the articles or the pictures. What does that leave, lines and font size?

She did kick it into gear these last couple of days and helped (although failing to do the one thing she promised she would when she stayed after school--place the pictures). I get along with her fine outside of class, I mean we're not friends, but it's nothing like newspaper when I find myself talking to her like my little sister who's not cooperating. I realized today and made a point to be aware of it.

One thing I love her for: she's not afraid to talk to the seniors. I am so terrified of them that whenever she calls them over to help, I step out of the way or pretend to be busy with something. XD There are maybe three editors in there that don't scare me much, but the rest? Especially il duce. I don't know what I think she'll do to me, I mean she's a small person, but I guess like Jane from Twilight, she can torture me with her stare.

There's this freshman in that class who I'm friend-ish with who reminds me so much of my sister. They look kind of similar, they like the same stuff (especially Twilight), and they have a lot of the same mannerisms. I like her, she's really laid back.

Most of the freshman (actually, all but two) are just as uptight as the editors. Is this a prerequisite? Did I miss the memo? Actually, I think complaining about A makes me a little uptight,! I will not turn into Ms. Editor Almighty! I don't think anyone can be her, though. You have to be born with that quality, like Paris from Gilmore Girls. When I use that comparison to describe her, people are like, "OH. That bad?" It hits home harder than the Mussolini comparison.

Wow, I'm horrible. I have to stop calling her il duce. She's not so bad every day. Telling us to ignore the fire drill, though. Haha I can't even remember how many times I've used that anecdote as a conversation starter.


  1. Oh good, glad I scare you! Rawr.

    (Scared yet? :} )

    Girl, why are you taking TWO languages!? I would have lost my mind if I tried to take two languages at the same time. So now that you've been nominated as the quietest girl in Chinese you know what you have to do right? You have to NEVER stop talking in that class! I don't care if you're talking about The Jonas brothers for an hour and a half, dont stop talking!!

    Oh and if you see A, tell her that I will personally smash her friken head in if her article isn't done and perfect. okay? (seriously that sentence was kind of scary, but it's not directed towards you. That girl should be afraid of me, very afraid.)

    Alright, going to go work because apparently I don't even get nights off anymore. Sigh.

  2. Haha you don't scare me (well, I actually get scared that I'm goign to do something wrong and make you mad at me...)

    Yeah, sometimes I accidentally answer questions in my Chinese homework in Spanish. I like it, though.

    Haha aww, I might change my mind about you not being scary. ^_^"

    Sorry you have to work today! =]