Saturday, December 20, 2008

Love bread and Footloose

Woohoo! Midterms are over! No more studying! Good thing, too. I don't think I could take anymore. I get two (almost) homework-free weeks! <3 I'm going to Christmas it up this next week, too.

I just realized that stupid, poorly-written Hannah Montana post was the first thing on my blog for over a week. Oops. I do not want that to be the greeting post, so I shall fix.

While my mom was deciding between two chocolate cakes at the store, I was browsing the weird food section, intrugued with the loaves of "health bread" that look exactly like bricks with wrappers. One of them was really tiny and the name caught my attention: "Westphalian Pumpernickel." Hehe, pumpernickel is a fun word. I heard that on "Barney" when I was little. And what makes it "Westphalian?" I think of WWI and the Treaty of Westphalia when I hear that.

Ag, get to the point, Juliana. Anyway, there was this picture on the wrapper...

It looks like the kind of luff picture on Trojan or KY boxes. What does that have to do with bread? I started reading the ingredients to see if there was any connection there. There wasn't. Are thay saying that if you eat the bread, you'll be healthy and pretty like these people?

Now it's flashback time!

"Let's hear it for the boy" from Footloose! Kevin Bacon teaches his buddy to dance. Footloose is one of those movies that has a weak plot carried out poorly with dialogue that makes you squirm, but you're willing to excuse it all because the music and dancing is fun.

I already wrote a readers digest version Footloose review the first time I saw it. My writing was terrible there. I need to rewatch it and give it the rambling I give other movies.

I recently saw Risky Business, too, and I love it. Is it sad that it's the only Tom Cruise movie I can name? Oh, wait, he was in Lions for Lambs. Another movie I like.

Okay, back to watching "Modern Marvels" and loving the fact that I can sit around and watch the History Channel at midnight without mentally listing all the homework I'll have tomorrow. =] I don't have any! I'm going to make Christmas cookies, instead.



  1. Ohhh SEXY BREAD!!
    Please tell me you bought some :)

  2. Haha no, it really didn't look like it would taste good, even with the picture ^_^