Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love the Christmastime Chaos

I spent three hours wrapping presents yesterday. They weren't all mine and most of that time was spent on my obsessive decorating (I put stickers and ribbons all over the outside of the boxes), but I went a little present crazy buying for people. I have to make up for last year.I went a little lax on the gifts last year. I actually got my friend a foam fruitcake because they were selling them at Barnes and Noble and I'm like...I have to give this to somebody! My friend of 10 years would appreciate it the most. We have stupid jokes like that.

I'm getting claustrophobic in these stores. As Anny and I say, "the shoppers are encroaching!"

Christmas is my busiest holiday for sure. First is the pipsqueak 5 year old's birthday, than G turned 12 yesterday, tonight I'm going over my uncle's house, tomorow my other uncle's house for Christmas Eve, free day on Christmas now but we used to have another party at my third uncle's house, then my grandma's 91st birthday on the 27th and New Year's Eve party on the 31st. Sigh. Actually, when my dad's friends from Jersey would come down, we would be even busier. I love December.

Last night at G's birthday, the little kids were wrestling as they call it (looks like ultimate fighting championships to me, but hey, I'm a girl, what do I know?) and 7-year-old G2 got thrown to the ground and kicked in the head by the 5-year-old. (Same 7-year-old that got kicked hit in the face with a rake on Thanksgiving). Little G started screaming and C said, "I didn't do anything, all I did was this" and kicked him in the side of the head again. G2 immeidately went after him and tried to punch C, birthday G pulled them apart, it was a mess. G2 got this huge welt in him head from it.

Off to finish shopping, wrapping, and cookie baking. Christmas~ <3

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