Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Disney Stars and Promise Rings

It's amazing how many things you find to talk about starting on You Tube with a Jonas Brothers interview and working through the "related videos" column. I'm going to split up all my topics into separate posts, so here's #1.

What is it with all these Disney stars and their promise rings? When I first heard about the Jonas Brothers, I thought (hoped) they did it because they believe in in, not just to get publicity. They seem like good guys, and I believed they meant it.

Then I heard about Selena Gomez and her ring. I believed her, too. Then Demi Lovato. I heard today about Ashley Tisdale. And the kicker: Miley Cyrus. If the list of virginity-pledging Disney stars had credibility before, Miley ruined it. I think it's probably too late for her to be making any abstinence-related promises. If she has somehow managed to fool the entire television-watching world and actually hasn't done it, it's most likely because she hasn't had time, not because she's adhering to any moral code of behavior.

Is this a fad? Some people on an online forum were discussing the possibility of the Disney corporation catalyzing this, that they're behind the trend to keep their image as a wholesome family organization. I doubt that Disney is behind it, but it's definitely becoming a fad.

At least it's making abstinence cooler. I read all of these girls on message boards saying they're going to wait until they get married because Nick Jonas is. Whether or not they're serious, even though they're just being sheep and doing what's popular, it's definitely not a bad thing.

I hope the Jonas Brothers really mean it. If they're doing it for attention and to boost their reputation as the "good boys," that's so mmuch worse than if they never said anything at all.


  1. Miley Cyrus signed a deal as a spokesperson for Trojan condoms so I HIGHLY doubt that she is waiting til marriage. If she publicly said that, than she's breaching her contract with Trojan, because really, would they have hired her if she was going to stay a virgin?

    I on the other hand want to stay pure til marriage (and that was BEFORE the Jonas Brothers 3 years before they came along) and my boss got me a promise ring, that I in turn am supposed to give A one day. You've probably seen it on me, I wear it on my right ring finger.

  2. Oh my God, I did not know that. I read an interview with Miley talking about her ring back when she was going out with the youngest Jonas Brother. She was saying how it's great they believe the same thing.

    That's cool about yours, I never noticed. I just hope all these Disney kids believe it.