Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pancakes, Spanish, Newspaper (tempted to say "oh, my!")

I just ate an obscene number of pancakes, and it felt really good.

I spent hours working on my Spanish oral last night, a three-minute biographical speech on a famous Hispanic/Spanish person, no note cards or anything allowed. We presented today, and I was the fourth to last person to go, so I had a whole hour to work myself into a respectable panic attack. Spanish is my worst subject, and this counts for 25% of our midterm grade.

I think I did okay! I could have stayed after the bell to see my grade, but my nerves had gotten the better of me and I opted to go to the bathroom before math instead. There were about 12 people crowded around her waiting for their grades, so I figured I could wait. It's over, so it's not like the grade's going to change.

My partner in newspaper decided yesterday to mess with our page in the last 15 minutes of class. I tried to tell her that we don't have time to mess with anything else, we should fix the things we moved (actually, she moved), but she didn't listen. Our page looked like a construction site. The pictures were strikingly different shades of gray, the alignment was all wrong, the text in the "photo by" line was two different sizes.

I was almost in panic mode. "A, please let me fix it!" She didn't want my help (She wants to sit in the chair and be in charge, but she doesn't get much done.) and when Editor Almighty told us to print them out, she left everything right where it was, didn't even move the "photo by" box back under the picture, just left it floating in the middle of the page.

She was about to click print. I almost grabbed her hand. "No! You can't print it looking like that! Here, just let me fix it." Then the bell rang. She ran out.

I couldn't go work on it after school today, and believe me, that burns me up. I went in at lunch to work on it. A and V both went after school, and A said she would place V's pictures. I have my fingers crossed. I look like the slacker, though, because they went and I didn't. I had piano and couldn't get out of it. I tried, but the recital's next Saturday and evidently my song is harder than I thought.

And I finally thought of a plot for my book, actually a modification of the original plot. Still needs more to make it interesting.

Hmm...I'm going to break out one of the million topics I've been meaning to talk about. I'm being lazy today. I made a plan last night to eat pancakes and chocolate milk when I came home today. They were really good.



  1. you dont look like a slacker!
    There was no one in there except for a few people and I spent my 30 minutes in there, crying in the corner while looking at things on MCTCampus, so I think you're okay.
    My page looks like a construction site too - you're not alone.