Sunday, August 2, 2009

Taylor Ham...because I want some.

Since I got back from journalism camp, I have been obsessed with eating. I usually don't care much about food and just eat when I have to, but I went to Costco yesterday and I hit up all the food demonstration tables for samples, even if I didn't know what they were making. I had a dream last night I was eating waffles, eggs and bacon two different times throughout the dream.

(In this dream, I went to a baseball game with Ted Kennedy and died in a terrorist attack on the stadium. According to my dream, after you die, you go to a dollar store to wait for your heaven/hell assignment. I almost bought a key chain.)

Getting back to the actual topic, I've really been wanting breakfast food. I was just watching a 1964 Julia Child cooking video on and she was doing fancy things with eggs. I, of course, went to raid the fridge and found a box of Taylor Pork Roll.

What?? You've never heard of Taylor Ham?? What kind of New Jerseyan are you?

Taylor Ham looks a little like Canadian Bacon, or round slices of ham. It's very common in New Jersey, in fact, a sandwich of Taylor Ham, eggs, and cheese is called a "Jersey Breakfast." They call it pork roll in southern Jersey, Taylor Ham in the North. My parents grew up in New Jersey. We always made this stuff instead of bacon.

Yeah, it's bad for you. We only make it occasionally. (Is it worse for you than bacon? I have to check on that.) I put pancake syrup on it. Funny how I put syrup on Taylor Ham but usually not on pancakes.

There's a box of sugar cookies with rainbow sprinkles on the kitchen counter and it kills me to keep walking past them. I ate four over the course of yesterday. Sidestepped them today but went for chocolate ice cream instead...I'll snap out of it in a couple days. Always do.

She who can ramble about anything, even spicy ham, Juliana.


  1. mmm, spicy ham.

  2. Thanks for stopping by the other day when Yaya was posting. I hope you have a great day and find more fun things to eat.

  3. Nope, never heard of this, but I love unhealthy breakfast food!

    PS Thank you for visiting my guest post at Amy's!