Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Because I like to relate weird conversations I have.

Here's a conversation I somehow got into with a senior from yearbook (who I don't even know) in journalism class today. It almost ended in a screaming match and left me wondering...what the hell just happened?

I was talking to my friend about how our teacher is teaching Journalism 1 classes this year so newbies aren't thrown into newspaper or yearbook without any background knowledge. This girl overheard. Imagine voices getting progressively louder and more caustic.

Me to Allison: Yeah, she only has one English class. She's teaching Journalism 1 for the Freshmen.
Yearbook girl, in a snarky tone: No she isn't!
Me: Yeah, she told me the other day. Freshmen who sign up for Journalism are taking intro classes.
Her: No, Journalism 1 kids are put in regular newspaper or yearbook. *Rolls eyes* Not that I would expect you to understand.
Me: I know, they were last year, but this year it changed.
Her: No it didn't!! You have no idea what you're talking about.
Me: Yes it did!! Whatever.
I turn around to end the conversation and see "Journalism 1, periods 1 and 3" written on the board with homework below.
Me: It says right on the board, she's teaching two classes of Journalism 1. See?
Her: You don't have to get so snippy!

She left, and I had one of those "What just happened?" moments. Allison asks me, "What was with that girl freaking out on you?"

I have no idea. She always looks blazed, so I figure she just has issues. That was pretty funny though. XD



  1. You cant expect me to not ask you the crazy chicks name lol. How am I supposed to live highschool again if I dont know all the facts?!

  2. She's the sports editor now. I don't want to say who. You might have been friends with her. I'm going to assume she was just having a bad day...and I didn't help matters by prolonging the conversation (that was the abbreviated version of it). I just can't help it when people I don't know talk to me like I'm ignorant. XD

  3. Ha Ha. I can relate. I love the part of what just happened?

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