Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rob Lowe's Eyes

Holy crap, he has pretty eyes.

I finally saw St. Elmo's Fire, that 80's movie about the seven college friends and their post-graduation shock of real life. Rob Lowe is the irresponsible guy who doesn't want to grow up. His hair in this movie reminds me of John Stamos in the first season of "Full House." Anyway, he had (and still has) gorgeous eyes. He reminds me a little of Chace Crawford, and I know that's not just in my head because my sister said the same thing.

The only picture of him on Google Images that was good enough had the description "ROB LOWE SEX TAPE" in caps like that, and I didn't chance it and click. So here's the movie cover. Rob Low's the guy in the bottom right corner.

Thank you WFNX radio of Boston and New Hampshire for the picture. Someone there did a movie review of it, so check it out.


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