Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fun with overanalysis!

This goes to show that boys are jerks who respond to bribes and are easily manipulated by girls. Thanks, Ralston (may the obscure brand rest in peace). You gave us not only an annoying jingle that made me jump out of my chair but a valuable lesson in boy-girl dynamics. Girls rule, boys drool?

Although...the fact that the girls ask the annoying kid to help them put up their tents is an insult to feminism if they asked him because they couldn't do it themselves. It's a win if they were using that as an excuse to get his attention. I'm going with the second one. Stupid boy, he should have seen right through that.

I'm really not as misandristic as I sound. But I'm still young. (I'm not as cynical as I sound either.)

Oh, Ralston isn't totally dead. I think it's called Post now. I can't find a clear answer on that. Even if it is, Post is pretty forgotten itself. Who can name three Post cereals? Seriously. There was a cereal in the 40's called Shredded Ralston. Ew. Could they have thought of a more unappealing way to market shredded wheat? It sounds like they shredded a person named Ralston and stuck him in a box. Kind of morbid.

On that note, I call this post to a close.


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