Saturday, June 13, 2009

Crowding the Internet, one stupid picture at a time

This is written on the wall of the construction site near my house. It doesn't make that much sense...until you think about a ghost writing that after being murdered and buried under a house where no one would look. I have too much time to think.

This struck me as funny. At the (I guess county) fair that comes in every year, there's a tent of live chickens. It's sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken? Am I the only one who finds humor in that?

Just a really, really cute bunny.

My sister had a surprise birthday party for one of her friends and got silly string. That stuff is so annoying to clean up, and I didn't realize until yesterday how gross it actually is. We squished it all into a ball after picking it up. They handed it to me, and it was wet and slimy and grossed me out. Once they realized, they had a fun time torturing me with it. Anny squeezed it hard and milky-colored water came out of it. One of Anny's friends said it looked like a brain and called the liquid "brain juicy." Ick, where does the water even come from? They put it in a funnel in a cup to see how much water would drip out of it if they left it there.

Now this is what happens when you combine three 12-year-olds, a big box of Costco make-up, and permission from a conciliatory participant to "go crazy."

They had me make creepy faces, took pictures with their phones and sent them out to kids they wanted to scare. I always let them do this, I don't think it's a big deal, but one of Anny's friends said to me, "I can't believe you let us do this. You're such a good sister. I would be so mad." I know, a lot of people would get mad. I don't know why. It's fun. I would be scared if I saw a real person who looked like this, though. (Oh, and like my shirt? I love the little Pacman ghosts!)

I think my scary face is a good way to end this.


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