Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Keep up, this is gonna go quick.

**Contacts hurt. Lucky people who says they don't.

**Having a headache while your stuck in a boring store isn't fun. It's less fun when that store is Home Depot and the persistent sound of power drills is piercing your skull. You'd think it's the noise that does the drilling, but no. Also doesn't help when it's your sister who refuses to take her hand off the button because it's "so much fun to play with."

**Trey from "Sex and the City" is such a nerd. He's so annoying, then again, so is Charlotte. I liked Steve, he was sweet.

**I don't like Goji berries. Weird things. No wonder they're healthy, they taste like health food.

**Good news at the periodontist this morning: I have a date with an oral surgeon a few weeks from now to rip out secondary teeth, and if I'm lucky, I'll get my braces off two years into college. Excellent. (Well, I am thankful that I can get it fixed, just mad that I have all these problems in the first place.)

**What's up with ABC Family making "Original Series" based off movies? "Make it or Break it" is obviously based off Stick it, but they didn't say that. They say in the commercials that "10 things I hate about you" is based off the movie with the same name, but how can they make TV shows about those movies? They're pretty beginning-middle-end.

**On the topic of ABC Family, I'm still not on board with "Secret Life of the American Teenager." I know it's going for the dramatic edge "My So-Called Life" had, but...I'll actually maybe one day try watching a whole episode and then judge, but from the pieces of episodes I've seen, I think it's stupid.

**I heard this on the Today Show. There a Calvin Klein ad up in Times Square, and they were talking about whether it's too much for the middle of a crowded place. Shows how far we've come from the controversy in the 80's over "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins."

Reminds me of the Gossip Girl ads from last year that dominated 12 bilboards per square mile in Los Angeles. (I got to see them in person. Here's another one. And this one has Chase Crawford in it.)

**Speaking of Chase Crawford, he's People Magazine's Hottest Bachelor of the Summer. Did I not call that? I was way ahead of them. Now people can stop asking my why I obsess over him. "Duh, he's People's Hottest Bachelor!" I'm buying that issue. It's supposed to come out this week.

His character's one of the least interesting on the show (Ed Westwick's character is definitely the best, and Ed does an awesome American accent), but Chase is still my favorite.


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