Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Train of thought

Finally got an interview with the principal today for my newspaper article. Finally. But this issue is not coming out by the end of the year. No way in hell it's going to be done and perfect, pass inspection by the teacher and assistant principal (and this time the actual principal), make it to press and come back in six days. The only chance we have is if every one of us has our pages completely done and flawless, my teacher and the AP check them it immediately and both say they're perfect, and the printing place kicks it into gear. The staff writers are editing this issue since our senior editors graduated. What makes us think that the first issue we do without editor organization is the first issue that we manage to get right on the first try? I hope it comes out, though...I don't want all this work to be for nothing.

I was helping my sister study for an English test yesterday, literary devices like theme and irony. She wasn't getting it, so I gave examples of each one, but I kept connecting things back to Dirty Dancing. One of the things on her list was "loss of innocence as a theme." Dirty Dancing epitomizes that. Eventually we we're like, "alright, enough for now. Wanna just watch it?" I love that movie, but it's been a year since either of us have seen it. This time, Anny really liked it as much as I do. Another step in my quest to convert her into a fan of all my favorite movies.

In tribute to Patrick Swayze who's been battling pancreatic cancer for some time now, here's the trailer to Ghost, another awesome movie.

My sister's old dance teacher looked exactly like him.

Also, I'm going to take Brooke Sheilds' advice and lose my virginity already so I don't regret waiting so long when I'm 22. Thanks for the advice, wise adult. I will pass that on to the rest of my impressionable teenage friends.

No, actually, I don't think what she said was so bad. I mean, I don't believe everybody who says "I'm glad I waited." Not everybody can be happy about that. Some people just say that because they couldn't get anyone to do it with them anyway. Which brings me to another point...

I was watching "Daria" (superfunny show, but if it's not your kind of humor, you'll think it's moronic) and they joke a lot about how people treat you differently when you're pretty. There's a line that says something like "Is there ever a time when the way you look doesn't affect the way you're judged?" and the other girl answers "When you donate an organ, unless it's your eyes."

There's this girl in my government class with the worst attitude, and when she talks, her sentences are just dripping with that obnoxious...she bothers me. I listen to her run her mouth and think, "How can you say stuff like that outloud? How do you even think like that?" But she's pretty, she dresses well, and she has a soft spoken voice that if you didn't speak English, you would never know. But even people who listen to her obvious lack of social tact love her anyway. Standards are lower for pretty people. Unfortunately, she's wicked smart too, and she doesn't hesitate to throw that in people's faces. I was kind of raised to believe that just because you had genetic luck with looks and intelligence doesn't mean you can say anything you want. I learned from school experiences that I was wrong, those people have free reign over everything.

You know, makes me wonder, if I was prettier and I didn't have to be nice, would I still be the same? I think I would, but who knows. When people treat you special all the time, your priorities probably change. Just a thought.


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