Saturday, May 16, 2009

Would you do that for money?

If you could make $700 dollars a day in tips alone just by selling coffee out of a drive-through, you would want to, right? What if you had to dress like this and have a bunch of creepy old guys look you up and down all day? Still worth the money?

I was watching some show about "extreme fast food" on the travel channel, and they showed one chain of drive-through coffee stands called "Cowgirls Espresso" where the workers are all 20-something year old girls in bikinis.

My first reaction was "that's so sleazy, I would be too uncomfortable to buy coffee from them." This blond girl with a southern accent came on and started a speech about how customers come for "service with a smile" (hun, you know damn well that they're not looking at your smile). They show interviews with some pervy-looking middle age guys in their cars going "I drive an hour every day to come here and see her" and "it's good coffee, and the service is great. They're always happy to see you." Every day apparently has a theme, and they have a different slutty outfit for every theme. On Friday, the customers can suggest something for them to wear. ACK.

It's funny how they don't mind doing it and were talking about their jobs like "yeah, we serve great coffee with a smile." Shut up about the smile thing. At least admit that you guys are like Hooters for coffee.

Anyway, they make over $700 in tips a day! I actually think the whole thing is kind of brilliant. All those guys who come by to stare at them are being manipulated. That's pretty funny. Speaking of which, do you know how much strippers make? Yeah, it's degrading and all, but they're manipulating guys out of insane amounts of money. More power to them.

Still, I wouldn't do any of that, even if I was pretty enough.


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