Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just realized...

Now that the movie's out on DVD, there are clips of Twilight on You Tube. Ooh, good, I have visuals to back up my point that it was hilariously inane. If you didn't read my review from November, I actually really like the book (it's happy fluffy reading, I like that), but I thought the movie was lacking...well, everything. I still watch it with my sister all the time because it's entertaining but not in the way they intended it to be.

I only thought of it because I was listening to the song that my sister and I decided was the Bella and Edward song. In the book, Edward told Bella that since vampires can't sleep, he gets bored at night and watches her sleep. Kay, only slightly strange, but the book didn't play up the creepiness factor quite like the movie did. When I saw him standing in the corner like that, I sort of realized how creepy that really is...

So for that reason, and the fact that Bella talked about him in her sleep and he, seeming to be a total creeper, heard everything, we decided that "Talking in your Sleep" by the Romantics is their song.

It's stupid for me to start my criticizing of this movie with the deleted scenes, but they cut stuff that was better than some of the filler crap they left in. These scenes have actual information that would have made the movie a little more sense and maybe give a millimeter of depth to these undeveloped characters.

1) I'm usually not the one to promote scenes in movies that are unnecessarily sexy and have nothing deeper (like the scene later in the movie in Bella's bed that was so overdone I couldn't stop laughing through it), but this first one that's followed by the line "that was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen" shows you what exactly she's dreaming about him and supports the entire point of the movie.

2) Oh, this dialogue is horrible. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's the delivery that's bad. "It was other vampires that killed Whalan" and "Your number was up the first day I met you" are so important to the story. Sigh, this movie was bad.

3) The scene where Bella says "ever wonder what I'd taste like?" I liked that scene, her letting him bite her or whatever that was connected these characters. They seemed so distant throughout the whole movie. Not a fan of the falling backwards thing. My sister had to explain to me that he didn't fall, he intentionally pulled her down. They could have made that look better.

4) This is the kind of filler that the entire movie seemed to be composed of. No point to this scene, especially the babbling about chinchillas. Whose idea was it to play these characters manic-depressive? That's what I sound like when I'm giving a Spanish oral that I memorized without having any idea what I'm saying.


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