Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My sister has been home for a whole two hours and failed to tell me this, even though she has known since this morning. Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl (I mentioned him in the last post. I love him.) is going to star in the Footloose remake next year as Ren McCormack! He replaced Zac Efron, who didn't want to be typecast as musical guy. Kevin Bacon was the original Ren McCormick in the 80's movie version. I really want to see this now.

Also, my friend from middle school just called me to tell me two kids from our middle school that neither of us have spoken to since are going out now, according to Facebook. It was like a time warp back to 8th grade. I reminded her that they used to go out on-and-off in middle school, so this was not news to me. She forgot all about that. Really brought me back. Two years later and we're still gossiping about these kids.


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