Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gossip Girl Season Finale!

It goes against my religion to say this, but OMG the Gossip Girl series finale was awesome. You better believe this post is going to be spoilerific, so if you don't want to know what happens, don't read on, got it? Although it's been a whole two days, so if you haven't seen it by now and are planning to, I suggest you get on it. I started watching it last night and it got late, so I decided to get dressed in 10 minutes this morning so I could finish the episode.

Spoilers coming, so read at your discretion.

This was the last episode of the season and subsequently the last episode of the "upper east siders" in high school. They graduated, and I was wondering what would happen once the characters go to different colleges. It's been renewed for a third season (yay!), so they're going to work it out somehow.

It looks like Georgina, played by Michelle Trachtenberg, is going to be a full-time character next year (yay, again. She's so cool.) and is going to be Blair's roommate?! I completely forgot to watch the episode where Georgina comes back so I don't know exactly what happened there, but looks like she's after revenge on Blair. Also, there was this guy at the NYU coffee house at the end...that wasn't Lily and Rufus' son, was it? I thought they said he died, but it gave that impression.

In this episode, Serena decides to bring down Gossip Girl and tries to figure out who she is (I really thought it was Jonathon for a second after the text went to his phone the show cut to a commercial. I should have known better.) I figured after that they weren't going to figure it out, especially if the series is continuing, but I hoped something interesting would happen with that.
Jenny gets elected, what is it, Queen Bee? You know, Blair's old job leading the mean girls, and she only wanted the job so she could get rid of the hierarchy.

The best part of all, the reason I wanted to see the end so much, was Blair and Chuck. ^______^ That made me so happy. I've been waiting for that for this entire season. It's so obvious they belonged together and Blair never should have been with Nate. (Nate's character is so superficial--Chase Crawford is so pretty though <3) I love what Chuck did for Blair in last week's episode, where he made sure her prom was perfect even though she went with Nate and not him, while the whole time, Blair was yelling at him thinking he was jealous and trying to sabotage her prom. Anyway, Chuck finally told Blair what any fan of the show has been waiting for since August, and I like the total fangirl dork that I am was practically holding my breath for it. I'm going to watch that episode again just for that. Chuck is my favorite character on the show.

I get too caught up in this stuff, I know. It's a stupid made-up drama, I should get a life, blah blah blah, well you know what? Eeeeee! Chuck finally said it!! Can't wait for next season.


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