Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Secrets!

I have so many actual topics to talk about that I couldn't choose one and am way too tired to write them out right now. I heard the song "That's What Girls Do" by No Secrets recently and though, quick, easy, happy topic.

"That's What Girls Do" was the number one song in third grade. My friends and I came up with a talent show dance to it that ended up falling apart. Another group ended up doing the song, but I thought our dance was better.

Every girl in my grade knew that song, it was to third grade what "Barbie Girl" was to second grade. I have it on my iPod and whenever I hear it, it reminds me of Girl Scout trips. We would listen to that so many times.

They have no real music video of it, so here's a link to one with Michelle from Full House. (I have to learn how to post songs without using You Tube.)

Here's another song that every girl knew, No Secrets' "Kids of America." It's not the original recording, the song is really old and has been remade by a million different people. It was in Jimmy Neutron and I think it was remade by the Jonas Brothers once. The No Secrets version just happens to be the one we knew.

The version by the Muffs was the opening song to Clueless which I watched with my sister last night. She got mad at me for getting up, pretending to hold a microphone, and singing along. Oh, and if you're a girl who has never seen Clueless, watch it. It's hilarious. The trailer I linked has some of the funniest lines in it, too.

Makes me want to watch Lizzie McGuire buy some glittery nail polish from Limited Too.



  1. Those girls in that video look WAY older than they actually are.

  2. I know! When I saw the numbers, I was thinking 13 what? I was thinking for a minute it was like having a number whe you're on a basketball team because there is no way that girl is 13 years old.