Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big Wheel Keep on Turnin

Newspaper got me through the day. Really. Arguing with my editor-in-chief gives me something to keep the monotony of school from gnawing away at my sanity. It's bad enough that I constantly miss my friends this year, that I cry over Spanish every day, and that I'm beginning to think the curriculum for the program I'm in is a complete joke, but long days with boring classes just drains any ounce of energy I have left. Newspaper is never boring with this kid in charge of the paper.

I talked about him when I talked about newspaper camp. He decided it's completely his decision which articles go in the paper and on what pages, even if the editors (or writers for that matter) in those sections don't think an entire page needs to be dedicated to Michael Jackson or that swine flu is very "been there, done that," especially since we covered it last year. I'm the news editor this year, if I forgot to mention that, and he gave me a really weird arrangement of articles for the news section. The co-editor-in-chief and I changed it around a little, switched articles, and added some things we thought were more prevalent.

Didn't go over too well with him. My teacher said it's up to the section editors to decide what goes in their section, but he says it's up to him. He doesn't even listen to my opinions. I was holding my own to him, but I started crumbling on the inside and it must have been on my face because my teacher asked me if he was scaring me. I impulsively said yes. Apparently I have very readable expressions. Everyone always says they know exactly what I'm thinking by the look on my face.

Anyway, I would have left school feeling depressed like I usually do this year if it wasn't for him. Arguing with him is kind of fun.


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