Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I survived the day ^_^

I'm still sick, but I went to school today because it was that or stay home alone, do homework, and wonder what I'm missing at school. And I knew that if I stayed home, I would fall asleep doing homework like I did yesterday, so it would be an overall useless day. My parents didn't want me to go and tried to talk me out of it all morning. I was mad at myself for not going to school yesterday and missing so much, so I pretty much determined this morning.

Sitting in classes is not so bad, it's like a normal day when I have a headache. It's getting up, walking, general moving that's killer. My backpack was so heavy, I was having a hard time lifting it. I was so weak today. Walking up stairs was difficult. I was afraid I was walking too slow and someone was going to knock me over. Walking anywhere makes my heart pound and I feel out of breath.

My Spanish teacher apparently has a hand bell in her room. I never noticed she had it before, but today the noise really hurt my head. And lunch...loud kids talking, laughing, shouting at what felt to me like an obnoxious volume. I guess it's like that every day but today was the only day that it bothered me.

I'm cozy under my Powerpuff Girls blanket right now so it's all good.

Being sick, I realized I have a lot of websites that I used to go to every day before I got so busy. Here's a list of my favorites.

X-Entertainment: The name always hit me as a porn site, but it's actually this really funny guy who writes about random things from obscure monster movies to new kinds of Doritos. He's the guy that I love so much for writing about Halloween every year.

Children of the 90's: I was born in '92 and was only seven at the turn of the millenium, so I'm not a true 90's kid. I did spend a lot of time in my early childhood with my cousins who are 6-12 years older than me, so I do remember a lot of this 90's stuff first-hand. Regardless, I like past-decade culture. It's one of my weird quirks. Things like this fascinate me and make me happy.

Cake Wrecks: Really horrible and hilarious cakes. It's great.

People Who Deserve it: When you're feeling really cynical or just annoyed with the people you have to deal with everyday, this is a blog where every entry is a new featured annoying person. The tagline is "socially responsible reasons to punch someone in the face." The writing gets so crude it's a little annoying, but the people who deserve it are funny.

1000 Awesome Things: Where you go for a ray of sunshine. Besides here to listen to me. Just kidding. =]



  1. Ugggggg...pep rally. An hour of watching a bunch of idiots jump around and SCREAM about how great it is to go to this horrible place. Ugg, this is infuriating....

    So, what's with your recent obsession with cake? XD

  2. I know, Paul told me about it. He said I'm lucky I missed it. I missed that and an newspaper deadline. I picked a really good day to be sick.

    I really want chocolate cake right now. Dunno why.

  3. Indeed, you did choose a good day to be sick. I'm craving cake too...

    Feeling any better?

  4. *realizes that he was almost definately one of the "loud kids" at lunch.*

    Eek, sorry about that!