Friday, April 17, 2009

More Susan Boyle!

My government teacher today was talking about the bloody fantastic 47-year-old singer on Britain's Got Talent. I was happy that I had already heard about it before. She wanted us to understand the "don't judge a book by it's cover" message and said some things about it that I couldn't figure out how to word before.

My teacher brought up the point that she knows that she's homely and un-glamorous but she still has this sparkly personality about it all. She goes on knowing they're going to make fun of her and doesn't seem affected when they do. She was completely suprised when she got three yesses. She could be this grumpy, bitter lady with a completely cynical outlook on life, but she doesn't seem to be that way at all. She made her dream come true after 47 years.

She's an inspiration. Like my teacher said, this is for all the girls out there who didn't get asked to the prom. She not only reminds people of inner beauty and judging what you really know nothing about, but she gives hope to everyone who doesn't think things will work out for them. It looked like nothing was going right for her, but at 47 years old, she has press flocking to her little Scotland village to see her and 21,000,000 hits on you tube for her video in one week. And she had a good attitude about it. Total inspiration.

My teacher also showed us Susan singing "Cry Me a River" that she recorded for a charity CD in 1999.

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