Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No...just, no. Again.

If Mitchel Musso wasn't enough to make you uncomfortable...

How about Mitchel Musso singing about recycling? Anny just showed me this. I have to turn on Disney channel once in a while. I forget about these inane music videos.

*Twitch* Physically uncomfortable. And worse, it's stuck in my head. AND they dragged School House Rock into this! AND I hate his hair, I've hated his hair since the first time I saw him on "Hannah Montana" and it's just getting longer and longer and I think it's going to eat his face one of these days! Cut your hair, buddy.

And what's with the 2x3 is 6 thing? What does math have to do with recycling? Did I just miss that?

One of the comments was "WTF...check the paper because I going to kill this yodeling bastard." Makes me wonder why they clicked on a Mitchel Musso recycling video in the first place, but that made me laugh. XD

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