Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gossip Girl, not Chemistry

I'm bored...and after the following conversation:

Anny: Ahh! Even your Hello Kitty doll looks bored.
Me: I'm studying for Chemistry. It's naturally boring. And this is my room!
Anny: Do you have to study out loud?
Me: You know what? Ni bu hao! ("you are not good")
Anny: Shut up, you sound like Atilla the Hun.

Says she who spent the 15 minutes prior to this conversation narrating the Pokemon game she was playing on her gameboy. So instead of studying for Chemistry, I used my book as a pillow and watched Gossip Girl. I'm going to comment on it because I'm bored and maybe me talking about it will make the show survive longer. Eh, maybe.

Okay, so kind of anti-climactic...though I guess any time a show returns after two months, the returning episode will always fall short of people's expectations. I forgot a lot of what happened last episode, the Dan and Iowa teacher thing. That was the biggest cliffhanger of all, and the follow-up on that was just okay.

I forgot a lot of the Chuck and secret club thing, too. I thought more would happen with that besides Chuck realizing he belongs with Blair, yeah, it's getting really old. I stopped caring about Blair and Chuck a few months ago. They beat that story to death.

Favorite quote: "It's hard seeking revenge when your enemy keeps changing every five minutes!"

Now trying ot remember why I decided to talk about this in the first place...oh, right, because I was bored. ^_^

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