Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year!

Hello, everyone, today is February 29, 2008. Yes, I said February 29.

I just realized this morning that this year is a leap year, so...


I think some people call it Sadie Hawkins Day or something, but I refuse to acknowledge that kind of backwards thinking. Girls get to ask out guys one day every four years? On top of that, we have dances to celebrate it? Oh, sure, let's celebrate the oppression of women and the men who dominate! Woohoo!

On a more positive note, let's all enjoy the last hour of leap day while it's here since we only get one every four years. This is my fifth leap year but only my fourth leap day. Call me a total loser, but I'm excited! I wrote "LEAP DAY!!" next to the date on all my papers in school today. ^_^

Happy birthday to anyone born on leap day! February 29 is the coolest day to have a birthday.

No interesting news to share, and it's 11:30 at night so I don't feel like video hunting. I'll post some new videos tomorrow when I'm once again able to hold my own head up. I hope everybody had a good leap day!

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