Monday, February 25, 2008

M&Ms seem fitting for today

So I changed the color scheme to a cranberry or red wine type theme. I'm already getting tired of it, but then again, nobody likes change! =] I love my new color scheme for my retro blog, though--blue on black.

No major news for today, other than today in Speech class, I had to debate some sophmores who were brutally competitive, and my team didn't win, but I think we held our own! The yelling back and forth during crossfire got so funny that I couldn't speak I was laughing so hard. For the last half hour of class, we watched parts of Across the Universe which I've been wanting to see since October! I ordered it from Blockbuster Online the week it came out on DVD but it hadn't come yet. From what I saw, it looked awesome. Coincidentally, I got Across the Universe in the mail today when I got home from school. Funny how things work.

In honor of my new color scheme, here's an M&Ms commercial that I find particularly enchanting. M&Ms has the best advertising campaigns. I also like the one that's out now with the people who turn into M&Ms. The song is "This is the Day" by The The. I have that on my iPod now. Have fun fending off the chocolate craving!

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