Monday, March 10, 2008

Sweet Niblets! My week has been boring.

Speaking of sweet niblets, I saw a Hannah Montana Magic 8 Ball in Toys R Us the other day. No, your not going blind. I really did say "Hannah Montana Macig 8 Ball." It's peppered with cutesy annoying phrases like "Sweet niblets, no!" and "spotlight on yes." There was a High School Musical one there, too, but the "sweet niblets, no" thing made this the highlight of my afternoon.

When I was about six, my dad would always paly this Dawson's Creek (ya know, the TV show) soundtrack CD in the car whenever we went to Disney World. I remember he used to play the same song over and over. I heard that song on the radio the other day and had a sudden urge to find the CD. I have no idea who bought it in the first place or why we had it (my parents didn't watch that show, and I thought it was a band until last year) I found it yesterday in the back of our old CD cabinet, kind of faded. Like the dork that I am, I imported it to my iPod. Hey, it's a childhood memory now.

One of my favorite clips from my favorite show ever, Gilmore Girls. Where did all the anvils go?

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