Sunday, September 5, 2010

Save the Rainforest, guys.

I watched this, fell out of my chair laughing, rewound it, and watched it again. It's from Superstar, a really stupid but really hilarious SNL skit turned movie where this girl is an incredibly awkward catholic high school reject who wants to be a superstar.

Also, this song has been stuck in my head since I watched Uptown Girls and heard it in the opening credits. I like how it sounds. ^_^


  1. 1st video: That's taking the term "Tree Hugger" to a whole new level. I feel like Discovery Channel should make a movie "The Secret Life of Trees (And Catholic Girls).

    2nd video: I think I've heard that song before, but it's cool :]

  2. Jessica, your first comment was hilarious! ROFLMAO! I agree with your second comment too. :D
    Juliana, what made you think of this?

  3. Hahaha Jessica XD I would watch that Discovery movie.

    Lauren, I was making out with a tree yesterday and I remembered that it's a good way to save the rainforest.