Sunday, September 19, 2010

Easy A, Belly Dancers, Refrigerators with Feet

I saw Easy A yesterday, which I thought was pretty hilarious. I posted the trailer a while ago but it's about an "anonymous" high school girl who starts to get recognition when rumors spread that she lost her virginity to a college guy. When other guys find out she's lying, she fakes having sex with them so they can tell people and get recognition. She goes along with her new image and pretends so well that she is the most infamous person in school, who everyone thinks actually sells sex for money. Amanda Bynes and Cam Gigadent (evil vampire James from Twilight) play over-emotional super-Christians.

This clip is of the weekend when she supposedly hooked up with the college guy, but she narrates "That didn't happen. This is what I really did that weekend." I was cracking up.

Then a few scenes later, her phone rings and her ringtone is this song this song.

I also danced with a belly dancer at a Greek restaurant on Saturday, very awkwardly and I'm still pretty embarrassed. I don't know why I did that.

Another thing: What do you think about a refrigerator with a foot underneath that comes out and kicks the door closed if you forget to close it? I had a dream about that, but I accidentally got kicked by the foot.

Instead of ending with my refrigerator dream, I'll bookend it with another clip from the movie. It doesn't show the whole thing, but it is so funny when she fakes sex with the gay dude. His grunting XD



  1. Your belly-dancing was amazing. You are my idol.

  2. You danced with a belly dancer?! This story will be interesting. I wish I could have seen Easy A with you guys xD

  3. I second Melissa's comment. XD You seemed to have lots of fun.
    We should go there again sometime. :-)
    Regarding Easy A, I wish I could've gone and seen it with you guys too. I agree that the guy's grunting was pretty funny. It reminded me of the proposal scene in Eclipse when Edward says, "Oh, Bella..." I felt an urge to laugh uncontrollably when I saw that. I sort of resisted it because i didn't want you guys to think I was weird.
    Anyway, I now have "Pocketful of Sunshine" stuck in my head. XD