Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Katy Perry: The Good or the Bad Kind of Provocative?

No matter how you see her, you can tell she's some kind of provocative, but what exactly is she provoking? Is she spreading social messages and provoking controversy, or is she trying to feed the dirty minds of the oversexed American population? It's hard to tell.

Best known for her 2008 song "I Kissed a Girl" that was wildly popular not only for it's catchy tune but for it's deviant social message about experimentation, Katy Perry went onto creating more pop hits like "Hot and Cold," "Waking up in Vegas," and the two most recent and most ubiquitous, "California Gurls" and "Teenage Dream."

I'm not sure what to think about her. She balances on the line between sexy and disgusting, and it's actually not that thin of a line. She just doesn't have very good balance. The most interesting thing about this chick is that she is the daughter of two pastors and she started out singing Gospel music. Her first album was Christian Rock. Mmhmm.

Her "California Gurls" music video is definitely the most disgusting music video I have ever seen. I have watched twice, and I can't stand to ever watch it again.

First of all, what does Candy Land have to do with California? This is just icky in so many ways. I think this is so not sexy, but if you look at the long line of comments that are just as gross as the video from guys expressing their approval of this. People think this is a great video.

Message: "It doesn't matter what the song is about. If I roll around naked on a cotton candy cloud, people will love it!" Thank you, Katy, for that valuable message that has unfortunately been proved true.

She also guest starred on Sesame Street to sing "Hot n Cold" with Elmo. That playdate was cut short because her mommy apparently let her dress herself that day. Her appearance was banned for her inappropriate outfit.

This also grosses me out. Elmo and Katy Perry's breasts should never share a spotlight. Never. You don't wear something like that to play dress up with Elmo. That's what you wear to play dress-down.

I don't get her. What's her deal? Is she trying to pull a Lady Gaga and shock the public into paying attention, or is she trying to draw eyes to her boobs and keep them there? We'll see where she goes with this, but if you look at the contrast between "California Gurls" and the also recent "Teenage Dream" video, it's hard to tell what exactly she's going for.

If she didn't do things like these, though, she wouldn't be any fun. I wouldn't be talking about her right now if she hadn't shocked me with her disgusting videos. I hope that's the kind of attention she's sure she wants.



  1. Haha Fresco keeps talking about her in class. That's... actually disturbing; the part about her family being pastors and that she started out at a church. I guess this shows how much you really can run your own life against what people tell you or how you're raised. I don't want to watch the California Gurls music video and don't plan on it. I did see a parody video though, so I'm guessing that it was somewhat like the real video. I don't know why anybody would want that kind of attention, but I guess attention is attention and as long as she's in the public spotlight she's happy and doesn't care why.

  2. Juliana, I couldn't have said it better myself. Froget crossing the line, she obliterated it. People have 0 morals now a days. By the way, I've only watched a little bit of the video. It was more than enough for me.
    Jessica, what you're saying is unfortunately true. People will do anything for money/fame. I can't wait until her 15 minutes of fame are up!