Thursday, July 22, 2010

Smoke up with the Flintstones

Hey, kids! Your favorite modern stone age family says that Winston cigarettes are the best! Try some and you'll be guaranteed a yabba-dabba-doo time!

This commercial aired in 1960 when the Winston cigarette company was the sponsor for the first season of this cartoon. Can you imagine?



  1. Imagine the outrage that would ensue with parents these days if something like that happened now.

    These people freak out about the snuffleupagus on Sesame Street!

  2. I know, really. They wanted to make a Veggie Monster or something because they thought he was encouraging bad eating. T_T

    And did you hear that thing about how some group wants to rename "Happy Meals" and take the toys out of them because they blame that for advertising to kids? DUDE. It's the parents problem if they buy their kids Happy Meals every day, not McDonalds for making them "happy." That might be a post idea XD

  3. Parents annoy the life out of me. I love my mom for having a brain.

    I feel like a lot of today's parents don't know anything about the word "no". Just because your kid is exposed to McDonald's doesn't mean they'll end up 600lbs with cancer. Just like letting your kid play outside doesn't mean they'll be STOLEN.

    I'm so curious to see where that generation goes. I know maybe two people who have parents that think things like the Cookie Monster and Happy Meal toys should be banned... and their children are all abnormal.

  4. Haha yeah you're right. I don't know anyone in real life whose parents think that. I can't really picture tge type of person who would.

  5. This is so freakin' creepy! Where did you find this? More importantly, HOW did you find this? I agree with both of you about parents who freak out about everything. Trust me. Even my mom isn't as paranoid as some of these people!This is something to freak out about, though.

  6. Michael sent this to me actually. He was looking at old commercials on You Tube and found it. And it is creepy.