Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pokemon Ghost Black

This is a really cool story about a creepy version of Pokemon for original Gameboy that gives you the option to choose a ghost as your starter Pokemon with the deadliest attack of all. Read it. It's most certainly fake, even though I wish it was real. It would be so much cooler that way. Creepy, disturbing, intriguing. I will never think about Ghastly's Curse the same way.



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  2. I read it and I do understand why it's creepy even though I am utterly clueless about Pokemon. I never watched the show because I wasn't allowed to, and I've only played about 4 video games in my life.

  3. Why weren't you allowed to watch it? It's an adorable show, the Pokemon battles really aren't violent, thr Pokemon never die, and even the villians are more for comic relief. It was a great show.

  4. I don't know. There were many things I wasn't allowed to watch. Ironically, I DID watch stuff like Sailor Moon and Beetlejuice.

  5. i remember reading this in the dead of night and thought it was totally true! Probably fake now i look at it. But MAN! it was like my whole childhood had ripped itself open and a whole new meaning to pokemon was given to me- so dark. very kewl