Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zomg the weather

Just note this is the fist and last time I will ever say zomg mainly because I don't know what it means, but I thought adding the Z made it look more like Halloween. You know, like zombie omg. Maybe. Kind of.

I love October, and my gushing about Halloween is becoming like a story that your five-year-old brother tells over and over again and even though you're sick of it, you still acknowledge that it's important to him. The weather here has been a similar experience to sticking your face into the steam over a boiling pot of water. It's October now! This is the beginning of Florida's other season, the one that makes other states jealous while they endure their miserable winters. It finally got cold tonight! I am so happy. Tomorrow we're going to the Halloween store and the pumpkin patch at my old preschool.

Today I went to this water park with my cousins. We had free tickets that expired tomorrow, so we went even though today was the rainy day that precedes a cold front. That place is so gross. The ground is slimy, there's random objects like socks floating in the water, and we saw a little kid standing at the edge of the pool peeing into it.

There are millions of these heavily-tattooed 300-pound people in bikinis and speedos at this place. Not to discriminate against people for their weight or anything, but when your junk's practically falling out of your bathing suit while you're walking, what's going to happen on the slides?

Still, I always have fun with them. In the lazy river that just spins in circles, we attached to each other's tubes and my cousin pulled us around, and random people started connecting to our chain until it was about 10 people long. Haha.

I can't think of any videos to post right now. I'm so tired. I tried to do homework and was too tired so I ended up falling asleep watching "Doctor Who." Good show. Watch it. ^_^



  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again.

    I approve.

    Oh, and I just started a Doctor Who blog~ First post coming tonight.

  2. THIS DESERVES A SEPARATE COMMENT. (aka, I forgot to say it on the first one.)

    EW FLORIDA WEATHER. EWEWEWEWEWEWEW. I know soon it will be freezing up North, but couldn't we do without the humidity? Please? I feel like my clothes are wet everytime I go outside XD

    (Okay, it wasn't bad today, but...)

  3. Hehe I watched an episode and a half yesterday. I fell asleep in the middle of the one with the big news spaceship where they steam news into their brains.

    And the weather is so pretty right now! You can't complain about Florida weather today, it's like 60 out! =]

  4. Today it was /really/ nice out. \o/ It should be like this ALL YEAR LONG.

  5. Fff, I just googled where the 'z' in ZOMG came from. Apparently it's a typo from trying to hit Shift. Someone failed.

    Maybe, one day, one of my typos will go down in history like that ;_;