Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Last time I gossip about celebrirties--I swear.

So evidently Jaime Lynn Spears is pregnant. This sounds unbelievably heartless on my part, but if some kids show star got knocked up, I'd rather have them be on Disney Channel than Nickelodeon. If Disney continued to be linked to scandal like the old-news Vanessa Hudgens thing, I'd have fun revelling in the irony.

I don't think they should cancel her show though. I feel bad enough for her, having her life be a notionwide topic of discussion (which I'm contributing to--oops--but whatever. No one reads this anyway.)

Though I'd also think that she'd be really careful about doing something that would interest "US Weekly" since her and her family's reputation is constantly scrutinized. I mean, I'd become a Mother Theresa if I was in the position of being compared to Britney. Oh well. It's her life.

By the way, I heard that Lynn Spears (mother of Jaime and Britney) is writing a book on parenting. Okay...she has one daughter that just got her kids confiscated from her and another daughter that won't even be of legal drinking age when her kid goes to Kindergarten. Go figure.

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