Friday, December 28, 2007

Movie Checklist

Hey, imaginary readers! Remember that list of Christmas movies that I wanted to see before Christmas? Well, I highlighted the ones I actually got around to in purple, and I added a few non-listed ones at the bottom. I fell pathetically short of my quota.

"My self-proclaimed holiday classics that I am going to watch no matter what:
The Santa Clause
I'll be Home for Christmas
(Hit that one last night! One down, the rest to go.)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The Santa Clause 2 (not as good as the original, but I still grew up with it)
Home Alone

Movies I've never seen but want to:
A Christmas Story
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
It's a Wonderful Life

Movies I really want to see again but have to find:
Miracle on 34th Street
A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever "

Other non-listed ones:
The Santa Clause 3
Eloise at Christmastime (did I add that one in another post? I might have.)
The Holiday (not sure if that counts)
Fred Claus (which I hope to never have to watch again as long as I live--not only do i not recommend it, but i warn you to avoid it. It is so asinine that it's almost anti-Christmas.)

I was definitely not in the holiday spirit this year. Maybe next year will feel more like Christmas.

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