Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm Juliana, in case you forgot

I have a great memory for people. I could look around any one of my classrooms at any time and tell you everyone's first and last names, and I could tell you where half of them live. If I meet someone once, I remember them. I recognized the waitress from TGI Fridays because she used to work at Chick-Fil-A, I recognized the mother of a girl I went to preschool with when I saw her at Publix, and I recognized my cousin’s friend from elementary school at the beach, even though I only met him once or twice when I was 11.

The bad part of this, though, is that knowing so much about people makes it awkward when they don’t remember me. And they usually don’t remember me. This kills my self-esteem every time and I always thought either I just wasn't memorable or they were too self-involved to remember. I would think that was either a problem with me or a problem with them, but maybe it's just the difference between introversion and extroversion.

I was reading an article in Psychology Today called "Revenge of the Introverts" that talked about how introverts think and reflect on everything while extroverts barely finish their last activity before they're on to a new one. Extroverts thrive on social interaction, but they don't stop to worry about details. Introverts are overwhelmed by too much social interaction and would rather observe, but they consider the details and often overthink. Extroverts talk to everyone, but remember few. Introverts talk to few but remember everyone. I am definitely an introvert, and according to the article, introverts are outsiders in our society.

I do know some people who really don't care to remember other people. They mentally catalog the important faces and names and ignore the rest. Others just don't remember because they're not thinkers. I hate when someone I've had classes with for three years asks if my name is Carrie, or my cousin's friend who I've met at least six times says "nice to meet you," but I try to remember that sometimes it's me and sometimes it's them, but sometimes I'm just an introvert caught in a society of extroverts. And that's nobody's fault.



  1. I don't think I'm an extrovert or an introvert. I talk to few people, but the reason I'm not included in that introvert part is because of my horrible memory. In the two weeks of soccer practice we've had I still don't know half the people's names that are out there. I feel bad because everyone knows my name but I can't remember theirs and I always have to ask.

    What I do recognize is when I see a certain actor or actress in a different movie like "Hey isn't that ___?" Why can't I remember other people's names that I actually associate with at least a few times? I hate my memory XD

  2. I don't think all introverts have good memories. I'm just weird with my memory. But I hold grudges when people don't remember me...even though that's really stupid since I never give people a reason to remember me either.

    Haha I was thinking about actors. I was going to put that in here but I couldn't think of a way to word it.

  3. Exactly, Juliana!!! I was going to talk about this!!! As someone who is quite introverted and with a freakishly good memory, I notice many things and remember them too. I'll admit that it's really immature of me to sometimes make a big deal about them, but oh well. Extroverts are happier.




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