Friday, October 15, 2010


This is the kind of show that if you don't appreciate the humor and you don't see the point, you'll think it's really stupid. This is the best adult cartoon I have ever seen, and probably the only adult cartoon I actually like. The combination of exaggerated characters, dry humor, and social satire give this show an understated intelligence that you definitely don't see in normal adult cartoons.

The premise is about a smart but apathetic, sarcastic, and nihilist teenage girl who shows no emotion in any way. The intro explains her perfectly.

To contrast her character, all other characters in the show have dramatically exaggerated characteristics. Her parents are the kind of dumb and oblivious that mirrors the parents in "The Fairly Oddparents." Most characters are overwhelmingly vacuous, and most of her humor comes from her commentary on the stupidity of others.

This show aired on MTV from 1997 to 2002. I used to stay up until midnight to watch reruns in 5th grade, but sadly The-N replaced it and it doesn't show on TV anymore. Every episode is on You Tube and it was just released to DVD a few months ago.

These are someone's idea of the best Daria quotes. I don't think they're the best. It's hard to understand when they're out of context. If you want an idea of the show, watch the beginning of the first episode.

I am willing to look past the fact that this is a spinoff of "Beavis and Butthead." I think this show is uniquely interesting.

Daria: "Is there ever a time when the way you look doesn't affect the way you're judged?"
Jane: "When you donate an organ, unless it's your eyes."



  1. That looks like a funny show I might watch some of it once I finish with 30 Rock XD

  2. Heee 30 Rock~ They're both funny.

  3. Those clips were freakin' hilarious! I'm gonna check out the rest of the series now. I've never watched 30 Rock either.

  4. 30 Rock is hilarious I love it