Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who's your Justin Bieber?

I just read this blog post about the 90s prettyboy celebrities and I thought I would share since I know about 3/4 of them. Jonathon Taylor Thomas was my first celebrity crush when I was I think 6. I remember watching "Home Improvement" just for the parts with him in it and I wouldn't pay attention to the rest of the show. I still have a couple of his random movies on VHS that I used to watch over and over before we moved.

Fun fact: He was the voice of Simba in The Lion King. I just found that out recently and felt kind of stupid.

Here's another one. I still love Rider Strong. His character Shawn Hunter on "Boy Meets World," the bad boy with the good heart, was probably the best character on the show. "Boy Meets World" is a great show in general. I was thinking in Psych this morning about how I miss that show.

So whenever I think of my sisters' friends and obsessions with Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas, I think of these guys, and I really can't judge.



  1. Im 16 and girl!I feel you!!Im in love with rider strong even if he in his 30s and does not look the same lol

  2. I'm 13 years old, and have had a crush on Rider Strong ever sense I discoverd "Boy Meets World" my most favorite show ever!!! He is not as cute now, but still pretty sexy and I wouldn't mind sleeping with the 20 year old version of him.

  3. Haha, right? I wouldn't either. I think he's like 30 something now. You heard about the Girl Meets World spin off coming to Disney Channel?

  4. I looked him up. Riders actually 32 now. He's B-day is December 11 1979.