Saturday, November 24, 2007

Juliana's Christmas Countdown!

Thus begins my countdown celebration of all things Christmasey! I should officially start this in December, but nobody reads this anyway, so who's judging?

This was supposed to be my post for yesterday, and I'll get to that story in my next post, the one actually planned for today.

To start off the Christmas season, here's a picture of my fabulous Christmas tree from 2004. You probably already know this, but every year, instead of Christmas decorations, we put stuffed animals on our Christmas tree (which is fake--therefore cheaper and not as messy). All my and my sister's dolls and teddy bears over 15 years, which now just sit around if they're too grungy or sentimental to give away, get their month of glory in December.

We started doing this when I was about 5--I was helping decorate the tree and put my teddy bears on the bottom branches to "watch." My parents liked the idea of something that wouldn't break around my then baby sister.

It's really dark, but can you see the one on the very top? THat's Mrs. Tittlemouse from Beatrix Potter's "Peter Rabbit." She's out angel or star on top of the tree. :)

Mah. You really can't see it. Eh, I'll take a better picture this year. My camera's broken though. A new camera is the only thing on my Christmas list.

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  1. Woo! I'm commenting on my own post! It looks like people actually read this!