Friday, March 25, 2011

Life is Art

Miss Congeniality, She's All That, The Devil Wears Prada, My Fair Lady, The Princess Diaries, Sixteen Candles...average, undesirable girl gets a makeover, snags the cutest guy in the movie, and lives happily ever after. I have a drawer of DVDs that could provide a list of examples. Add pajamas and a package of Oreos and you have what an average, undesirable girl like me calls a Friday night.

Average girls like to watch movies about average girls because they can relate, but those of us who really are average can't relate to perfectly crafted characters who trip and fall into fabulous lives. What about those of us who don't have a happy ending? For every one Rachel Leigh Cook in She's All That, there are 99 girls who did not dance with their Freddie Prinze Jr. on prom night. For every Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club, there's a weird girl who does not kiss the school wrestling star at the end of a life-changing Saturday detention. I'm not the awkward girl who stumbles blindly into the arms of a hot football player. I'm just the awkward girl.

It's hard to remember that movies aren't real. Beautiful actors are sculpted into these deliberately designed characters. Their lines are dictated to them, the poetic words carefully chosen by skilled writers and perfected over multiple drafts. It's beautiful, but it isn't real. Reality is improvised. It isn't perfect, glamorous, scripted, or planned. Real life is about as prosaic as a grocery list, but I think that's what makes life art in itself. One thing reality has that movies don't is raw emotion. Real life is real, uncensored, unscripted. The beauty of human emotion, our failures as well as our successes, and unhappy endings as well as the happy ones are what make life art. Life is art because it's real.



  1. Whenever I see a movie, I judge it based on how different it is from other movies like it. The number of movies that are literally the same story line with a few minor tweaks keeps growing. I confess that I look for movies that don't have happy endings; it makes them different and unique. Plus I find that movies that make me cry are the ones I remember the best. Those movies show that not everything is perfect and they are the closest movies can get to reality. It's like movies have to show the happy ending because that's what you expect. You don't want to see someone failing because that doesn't give you hope.

    Life and movies are two really different kinds of art xD

    And stop bashing yourself; everyone is at least a little bit awkward and you're not undesirable >[

  2. This is so true.
    Totally agree with you.