Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gossip Girl AKA The Chuck Bass Show

If this isn't the most obvious statement of the day or even if it is, I love Gossip Girl. There is something about the combination of pretty and evil that is totally alluring.

Don't they look like vampires here?

Basically, this show is about a group of pretty teenagers (well, they're in college now) who live on the upper east side of Manhattan and come from extremely wealthy families. Almost all have been step-siblings at one point, and almost all have slept together. Everyone does horrible things to each other, and the victim and the villain manage to change every episode, always unexpectedly. An anonymous person that goes by Gossip Girl sends mass texts and updates to a blog about the events in the lives of this group, so everyone always knows their business. I actually say "oh man" out loud to the TV while watching this show.

I saw these ads on billboards in LA a few years ago

The main attraction of this show, however, is the amazingly manipulative, brilliant, and invincible Chuck Bass.

Ed Westwick is a British dude whose voice makes any scene of this show instantly intriguing. His fake American accent is better than the real one. Despite his character's weird preppy outfits and the nerdy way he gels down his hair sometimes, this guy is still sexy as hell. His character is *the* OMFG character, the "hedonist everyone love to hate." The one guy that is never boring.

This whole show is pure sex.



  1. I should watch this show because you talk about it so much xD
    That guy is extremely hot. Not as hot as me of course but he is a pretty close contender ;D .

  2. I love Chuck Buss)))
    Liza> Ukrain >Kharkov =^_^=

  3. if u think this whole show is pure sex... then i guess u should watch TRUE BLOOD...