Thursday, July 30, 2009

No cemetary view this time...

I just got back from newspaper camp again, although I probably shouldn't call it that since it's actually yearbook camp that makes slight ammendments for my school's newspaper staff. Our dorm building, called "Oceanview," didn't look out on a cemetary this time.

That picture was last year. This time it was a Jag dealership and a parking lot. I liked that better.

I'm so tired. We had to get up at seven every day and didn't go to bed until after one. On Tuesday night, we were up until midnight working on our paper. I broke down. Fortunately, no one pays attention to what I do, but always feel bad about crying in front of people because it's awkward for them.

The new editor-in-chief who I've known for a year now still can't remember that I was on the paper last year. He keeps thinking I'm new and clueless, asking me if I know how to write headlines. He talks down to me, and I don't like it. I know that's just the way he is, but still. He doesn't listen to me when I give suggestions. He looks at me and looks away. All the new sophomores on the staff were supporting one of my ideas, and he wouldn't even give us a yes or no. He only took suggestions from the juniors he liked. Only people important enough to warrant his attention.

Another thing, he can't remember anyone's names. I understand not being able to remember 16 names the first time, but he never learned them. Every time he called a name, it was wrong. If you're going to tell me what to do, at least look like you're trying to learn my name.

I probably shouldn't talk though because I have a great memory for names. My friend and I were in charge of typing up the staff list, and I knew everyone's first and last names, even the new kids, and I only had to fix the spelling of two of them. (This one kid has a 15-letter last name and I only forgot one silent H. I think that's pretty good.) She was shocked I knew everyone after two days. I don't do it on purpose, I just like to connect faces with names, so it's kind of innate. Our editor-in-chief should at least get first names right. Seriously.

Aside from my quiet nature and lack of leadership skills, I could never be in charge because I can't talk down to people. I wouldn't be able to tell my friends what to do. I would always feel like it's not my place to boss people around because they're my equals. I would have to run it like a democracy. I would consult the staff on all decisions, but I never want to be editor-in-chief anyway.

I got an award at the closing ceremony for "Hardest Worker" from our camp newspaper instructor. I must do something right.



  1. We must have switched rooms! I got the cemetery/jag/range rover view this time around. The balcony was excellent for use as a dryer to dry the multiple beach towels and my bathing suit.

    I HATE that Bo is your new EIC! Seriously I am pissed. He does not deserve that position at all and from what he's told me, he wants to change everything you guys did last year. Seriously you can punch him for me- he deserves it.

    Congrats on your award! Brett told me last night and I wanted to tell you, but I restrained myself :)

  2. Thank you! I was happy. =]

    Yeah, last year when he took over for the last issue, I thought he was a little abrasive but would be good for the paper. But he's trying to change it back to the way it was two years ago. I suggested that we compromise and kind of take the best of both, but he barely acknowledged that I was talking to him.

    I really don't want another Gabby. It was so nice after she left last year, I hope Bo doesn't ruin it.