Friday, April 4, 2008

Monkey Monkey Underpants.

So my week was pretty good. I got a 93 on my genetics test in bio and definitely happy about it. Oh, and since so many people failed, he's letting us correct our mistakes for extra credit, so I may have a 95 after that.

We finished reading Romeo and Juliet in English the other day. I can rant for a century about that play but for the reader's digest version, Juliet is an idiot for drinking the potion, Romeo is an annoying whiner, and Friar Lawrence is almost entirely responsible for their death by concocting the ridiculous plan. I mean, he left self-admittedly suicidal Juliet alone with her dead husband and a knife. Gah that bugs me.

Even though this Gilmore Girls scene is from the disaster called season 7, the monkey monkey underpants rant is funny. I like episodes with Gigi, too. There aren't very many.

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