Sunday, May 27, 2007

I have abandoned "Juliana Talks Incoherently" for a while, so I've decided to come back with a tribute to the universal breakfast food that we all know and love...cereal! I have compiled a list of the top 10 best things about cereal and have published them whether you like it or not.

10. It's easy--all you need is milk, a bowl, and a spoon.
9. No cooking needed. As long as you can pour and stir, you can make it for yourself.
8. It's cheap.
7. It's non-perishable and lasts a long time.
6. You can eat it any time of day.
5. There are over a hundred varieties to choose from.
4. You can eat it dry or with milk, wither way works.
3. It's usually pretty healthy, and just about always low fat.
2. The cartoon mascots on the box are fun!
1. Cereal is a part of your childhood. The cereal you eat as a kid becomes nostalgic, and creates a memory for the rest of your life. Why else would people being offering hundreds of dollars for a box of Quisp on ebay? It's not the 30 year old cereal they want!

I got this collage from (I didn't make it myself!)

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